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Some minor updates to explain the radio silence:

First of all, the Green Goblin was killed in action by a Kia on the 4th of July.  It will drive again, but this rebuild will take time… a long time.  See you in 2020.

Second, the 122 wagon and I are celebrating 5 years together.  It is undergoing dent repair and the rear quarter panel is being replaced.  It should be back with me once the 1800 goes out for restoration.  

Third, I am still deep into my Volvo game.  My garage is filled with like a half dozen B20F motors right now, and I am building a performance B20F with the goal of over 160HP at the crank.  More to come…



Bridge of spies

Volvo 1800E lightening up the night



Volvo 1800

Keeping it classy